Wednesday, November 9, 2011

it was a beautiful shitty place

names changed for privacy.

i used to live in a shitty apartment in the plateau, surrounded by nicer looking triplexes. the landlord was a busy jewish man with a black suv who banged vigorously on our door for rent every month. i found my roommates on craigslist. i think originally it was supposed to be a one-bedroom apartment but was then turned into a three-bedroom to fit more people. greg's room used to be a closet i think. my room was bigger than his but also small. it could fit a single bed in one direction only. i painted my room green and it was kind of ugly and i left it there when i moved out. nobody ever used the living room. we didn't even have a table until greg bought a tiny tv tray which tilted slightly on the uneven floor. kevin's friend who used to live there before i did still had a pile of stuff in the living room. he never picked it up in all the 8 months that i lived there. it included a tv, a basketball, a book about mao zedong, and a bright blue bra which appeared out of nowhere one day.

one time, i listened to post-war by m. ward a lot and it was beautiful and things hurt but a good kind of hurt, you know? i remember lying in my blue sheets in my green room trying to figure out what 'home' meant.


Anonymous said...

I used to like the Plateau, until winter where every step I took felt like Id slide into oncoming traffic. Now I live downtown, where hobos give me puppy dog eyes and homos give me rainbow eyes

saint modesto said...

i still like the plateau, never go there anymore though. i think it would make me feel really nostalgic. i also live downtown now near a lot of homeless people, maybe we are the same person.

Anonymous said...

I have a favourite homeless person, he calls me ma`am it makes me feel fancy. Ooo like multiple personality can take weekdays Ill take weekends but only if you write my term papers