Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Albums You Should Be Listening To From Beginning To End

Some albums are just meant to be listened to from start to finish. I wrote a post once with my top 10 concept albums and this is kind of like that, except they might not have concepts or stories. I mean, even some of the ones I picked back then didn't have full stories so I suppose you could say this is just an update.

There are so many bands and artists in the world now and a lot of the time all we hear are singles and then a few other songs we downloaded from limewire (which died) because we just don't need to buy full length CDs anymore. Also a lot of full length albums suck and the best song is the single you heard on the radio. But there are some records that are just completely worth listening to from beginning to end.

[Basically this is just what I'm listening to at the moment, consider this an extensive music monday. I happen to be listening to a lot of albums and not just random songs].


The Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

This is a concept album, and it is really, really good. I don't think there's a single weak song on it. I spent a good 3-4 years denying The Arcade Fire's talent but it's safe to say I'm a convert.

M. Ward - Post-War, and Hold Time

I couldn't choose between Post-War and Hold Time so I chose both. You should listen to both in a row. I always feel really satisfied with the world after listening to M. Ward.

Listen to (from Post-War): Post-War
Listen to (from Hold Time): Epistemology

The National - High Violet

The National have really outdone themselves this time. Boxer is still an album I love to listen to and High Violet has been on high rotation since I got it in [August?].

Counting Crows - Recovering The Satellites

My uncle moved in October and got rid of some of his old CDs, so I picked this one up. I've never really listened to Counting Crows before but this album is dece and perfect for when you feel like hearing music but not listening to it.

Stars - In Our Bedroom After the War

Will we wake in the morning and know what it was for, up in our bedrooms, after the war?

Belle and Sebastian - The Life Pursuit

"Everyone likes Belle and Sebastian" - my cousin. Belle and Sebastian can make your whole day better.




Janelle said...

"I always feel really satisfied with the world after listening to M. Ward."

this is so true....i started to listen to m.ward's 'hold time' my last semester of college. it made me feel so much better when i was stressed with why i went to school for what i did, life in general, etc.

i tried to garden a lot that summer (i wasn't always successful) but that album was also well matched to that activity for me.

somethingregardingtoes said...

i am sure your cousin is a nice person but i fucking hate belle and sebastian with a passion.

that was not meant to rhyme, and i feel like it removes some of the vitriol from the statement. sheesh.

saint modesto said...

janelle: ooh, i love gardening. m. ward reminds me of my chinese politics class because i listened to him a lot when writing my paper.

somethingregardingtoes: omg. get out.