Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm a perfect piece of ass, like every Californian

Music Monday Tuesday. I sort of missed it whatever.

[the national - all the wine]

For a long time I thought my favorite The National song was Slow Show but All the Wine has crept up and it won't go away. I mean, Slow Show is brilliant and lovely and I like the words better than All the Wine's. But All the Wine is better as a whole, for me anyway. I love the guitar and I just love this song so fucking much that I listen to it over and over again. I imagine birthday snapshots and an arrogant man with a party hat on

Not really like these pictures but it's late and all I could find.


i'm in a state. i'm in a state. not
hing can touch us, my love.


do you have questions? because riese is answering them.


laura said...

oh, slow show is just my favorite. especially the end bit. i'm going to go listen to this one now; i've never heard it before.

saint modesto said...

Yeah, i definitely love slow show a lot and it's my second favorite. But all the wine is just amazing.